#003 SNAPPED: Bruk Up Britain – Brexit Special!

Brexit: WE MOVE!

This week Theresa May put her deal to parliament after delaying for no apparent reason whatsoever. It was a cataclysmic flop, I mean, we all knew she would lose but we didn’t know she would LOSE LOSE.

It was assumed she’d lose by approx. 100-150 votes but a whole entire 432 MPs voted against her, she lost by 230 votes! This wasn’t just bad, it was REALLY bad. You know how bad you’ve got to be to suffer the greatest ever defeat by a British MP?

This is still such an unusual case, NORMALLY if a leader is defeated on a major issue such as this, they simply stand down. You’ve clearly demonstrated you can’t do your job so what use to you have here? Alas, she shall not, she shall not be moved – the Fixed Term Parliament act and failed no-confidence motion made sure of that.

Corbyn reluctantly called a no-confidence motion – I say reluctantly, due to the way Conservative MPs suddenly banded together like bootleg Power Rangers in suits to back their flailing leader.

He was unsuccessful and we live another day burdened by a dysfunctional government. But it’s not the be all end all, it took six confidence votes to unseat the sitting government in the 1970s, that’s the kind of hopeful throwback that I look to for a glimer of hope in these dull times.

Do all roads lead to a general election?

Civil servants are allegedly preparing for an early election but what on earth does this mean? Just thinking about my election gives me anxiety.

If these cross-party “talks” that Theresa is dictating can’t come to an agreement, then Corbyn won’t support it and neither will the Labour Party. This means that we could essentially go spearheading into a no-deal Brexit but

AND if enough hardline remainers abstain during another no-confidence motion, this could cause a general election. They would essentially be sacrificing themselves to stop a no-deal Brexit and escape the stoicism of this debate. Will it actually get that far? I’m definitely not one to paint the Conservatives as martyrs – but desperate times, right?

If we do have a general election will much change? Probably not, it would return a very similar breakdown to what we have now and the debates would be very similar issues to that of last one. Theresa talking about delivering Brexit and Corbyn pushing the welfare reform agenda. Some de-selection here and there but nothing substantive or truly game-changing.

Corbyn and the People’s Vote

Currently, if a People’s Vote is tabled, there is no obligation for Labour MPs to vote against it – it’s not a priority for the Labour leader and it is really pissing people off. The People’s Vote is a campaign that essentially offers the British public a second referendum.

The Labour manifesto says that if they can’t seem to deliver a general election, then they must explore all viable options, which includes a People’s Vote.

David Lammy, from the comfort of the backbench, threatened that if Corbyn didn’t support the People’s Vote campaign then Labour MP’s would drop like flies. There is clearly an overwhelming pressure to put this back to the people once more and you can understand why!

As we move closer to the date – that will definitely be pushed – of the final vote, the mounting pressure of a People’s Vote will become too large for Corbyn to ignore, his hand will be forced. Already about 72% of Labour voters want a second referendum and as Theresa May continues to fumble the deal this number will only grow.

BREXIT BREAK: Minority Ethnic Job Discrimination

In today’s episode of water is wet, Black and South Asian Brits are facing shocking levels of job discrimination.

According to a new report, the levels of discrimination in the UK have remained unchanged since the 1960s. I don’t know who keeps getting funding for this when you can literally just ask me for free!

You only need to be alive and of colour with a nonenglish name to know that unfortunately. So many people are hiding their beautiful names from the world so they have a shot at getting a dream job in a country that really doesn’t deserve them.

These studies being passed off as new shocking information is not only boring, but it just goes to show that our voices and experiences are invalid until assessed by eurocentric tools of measurement – and even then all we get are expressions of sympathy and that’s about it.

“But HOW is there still racism when we have a whole entire Race Relations Act ?” I hear you cry! The hard truth is that this country and its institutions are inherently racist. Colonial attitudes permeate across every aspect and interaction in our society. I’m so so sorry but superficial ideas of representation will not save us.

Back to Brexit: Looking ahead to Plan B

Since Theresa May isn’t going anywhere, it’s on with business as usual. Today (Monday) she will present her Plan B to the House of Commons and MPs won’t have to vote on it until 29th January. Which gives them enough time to absorb and make amendments.

We have seven options left now:

  1. No Deal: We leave and deal with the issues that will bring when we face them
  2. MPs vote a second time on another deal – which is where it seems we’re heading now
  3. From the top! 5, 6, 7, 8: Theresa and crew seek an entirely new renegotiation with the EU – which is seeming more unlikely as the EU is fed up with us and our British superiority complex. They have also ruled out that it would it be legal for us to rescind article 50 without the say of the other member states…
  4. A second referendum: you already know the drill with this one, if we do this then we will most definitely have to extend Article 50
  5. General Election: this is the best way out of the deadlock, not only across the benches of Westminster but within parties – like a second referendum this would require an extension to article 50
  6. Vote of no confidence #3 and yep! You guessed it – we need to *everybody together* EXTEND ARTICLE 50
  7. Power to Parliament! –  MPs are at their wits end and want to take matters into their own hands by passing an amendment that allows them to debate an entirely new Brexit bill and stop them leaving without a deal

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