#004 Snapped: Donald wants SMOKE, Liam Neeson, Bittersweet #Stansted15, Split In Di (Political) Middle

Donald *Tsk Tsk*

President of European Council Donald Tusk gives a joint press with EU Commission President Jean Claude Juncker after an informal meeting of the 27 EU heads of state or government at the European Council headquarters in Brussels on February 23, 2018. / AFP PHOTO / JOHN THYS (Photo credit should read JOHN THYS/AFP/Getty Images)

*Cues church organ* There is a SPECIAL, I said SPECIAL church! A special place in hey-yell for those that advocated Brexit without a plan to carry it out safely hmmm LORDT. This is the gospel according to Tusk, let the church say amen.

In all seriousness though, just when we thought that he could rock the table no longer, Tusk shook the whole house, street and neighbourhood. Donald Tusk, President of the European Council, let British MPs know they had him all the way fucked up with these negotiations and he’s right. Politicians should have been way more informed and prepared than they initially let on.

Brussels officials let everyone know that the comments Tusk made referred to after said politicians had died “not right now.” Despite all of this, it still didn’t land well especially with Guy Verhofstadt coming in as Chief Back Up Dancer to let people know that he highly doubts even “Lucifer would welcome them…after what they did to Britain.”

These harsh comments came during a speech where he dragged British MPs to filth at their lack of “political force” and “effective leadership for remain.” Though I love mess and drama, these comments are not helpful or reassuring to a British public that is now stockpiling food in case of an Armageddon.

Liam (hates)nee(ga)son

There isn’t much context I can give that you won’t already be aware of in this Liam ‘the racist’ Neeson incident. In brief, Liam Neeson roamed the streets with a “cosh” looking to kill a “Black Bastard” after finding out that a Black Man raped someone close to him.

Hearing about the brutal rape of a friend didn’t spark concern or compassion, he didn’t ask if this woman was okay or how she was feeling, he asked: “What colour was he?” Which seems like a pretty irrelevant piece of information considering the severity of the incident.

Since the interview blew-up the internet, he intensely back-peddled and insisted like all racists, that he ‘Is not a racist.’ And, as if by magic, White people began lining up one by one to absolve Neeson of any wrongdoing, telling Black people how they should feel. It’s reassuring and also distressing that so many White folks have taken to the internet to show their arses in such a brazen manner voluntarily. Nobody told you to out yourself as a raging racist, yet, here we are; I do like my racists, racist.

It feels like we’re in a perpetual cycle of Black rage, not only do we have white people complicit and even co-signing Neeson’s actions, but we have BLACK people, BLACK BRITISH people coddling whiteness and allowing this to be justified. On Sky News, Bald and Brazen John Barnes – who once had a slightly mild take on racism in football – insisted that Neeson ‘deserves a medal.’ As if that wasn’t bad enough, Journalist Jeremy Helligar wondered on to the land of lost negros, Good Morning Britain, and insisted that we didn’t ‘call him racist’ because he simply ‘lacked awareness’ which is trash.

Liam’s career will most likely not be affected by this, which is a shame, but not surprising at all. He will always be insulated and protected by a racist media that not only thrives of outrage but always protects their own.

The #Stansted15 Bittersweet Victory

This week the government held 50 people in deportation centres and exiled 29 people to a country they have absolutely no recollection of.

Before we go on, I’m not just going to assume that you know the ins and outs of this case so let me give you a speedy recap:

The Windrush generation are those 500,000 or so that came to the UK between 1948 and 1971 to help rebuild Britain after they mash-up the country and lost a lot of their workforce during the war.

After braving the sea and saving for their tickets, they came to this country under the impression they had indefinite leave to remain, both for themselves and their children. They were correct. However, the institution of the Hostile Environment Policy and subsequent changes to the law in 2012 meant that people had to suddenly prove their citizenship, which many couldn’t do as they came on their parents’ passports/documentation. This lead to people losing their right to work, rent, receive health care and ultimately live in this country.

People were told about their deportation a few hours before it took place. Children had been left without their fathers and only given a few hours to say their final goodbyes. The backlash to this was clear as people protested outside of the Jamaican High Commission. Instead of listening and engaging with hurting families, the government went on to launch an online campaign convincing people that everyone on the flight was a ‘serious’ criminal. Bear in mind that those on this flight were convicted of an array of minor to severe offences, so the government were actively trying to withdraw national support for these individuals with a targeted misinformation campaign.

The violent deportation of these people coincided with the sentencing of the #Stansted15, who chained themselves to a plane to stop the deportation of 60 African migrants. They managed to avoid any jail time but received community orders, which is great news which I’m happy about, their victory is something to celebrate. However, there is something bittersweet about celebrating the freedom of white people while 29 people are rounded up and deported back to a country they do not recognise.

Hear me out, what they did was – in some respects – brave, they used their privilege to help those who have been targeted and brutalised by the state. They put themselves and their freedom on the line. For this act of bravery,  they are canonised and have solidified themselves in history as heroes. The battle, however, is not over and the Home Office will continue to pursue the hostile environment policies that are ruining the lives and integrity of actual British Citizens.  

In short, our government is an embarrassment and absolutely nobody is safe. If this incident solidified anything for me, it is that citizenship and the nation-state are social constructs, fickle ones at that. Just as citizenship can be bestowed upon an individual, it can be taken away and we must fight against this.  

Labour Split, Tory Split: Everybody mad to be honest

The days of tribalistic party allegiance are tested in our turbulent Brexit era.


Jeremy Corbyn has proposed five alternative Brexit proposals in a letter to Mrs May that seem like an all-around winner for the party. The sensibility of these suggestions position Labour as a party that is respecting the will of the people and addressing the issues that they care about most.

The letter included a ‘permanent and comprehensive UK-wide customs union’, ‘alignment with the Single Market’, ‘Alignment on rights and protections’, ‘Commitments on participation in EU agencies and funding programmes’ and ‘unambiguous agreements on the detail of future security arrangements’

At a first glance, these seem like super reasonable requests, but the deep ideological and self-interested motivations of party members are causing these requests to catch a lot of heat.

So what’s the beef?

While some MP’s are in support of Mr Corbyn’s changes because like 99.9% of people they’re absolutely exhausted at the thought of having to spend another moment of their fleeting life discussing who-knows-whatever-the-fuck-Brexit some are just not on board.

MP’s that want to sack of Brexit completely have rubbished this letter; any compromise is a bad compromise. Owen Smith, you know, that guy that didn’t win the leadership election has threatened to leave the party after stating that Brexit was “not compatible” with his “values”. Okay babe, but Brexit is compatible with this country so you really have to ride this train to the wheels fall off with the rest of us.

Those that are deadset on ensuring we have a People’s Vote aren’t really feeling this one either because nothing is legally binding, and, well they want a People’s Vote anyway.  According to the campaign, the letter is ‘ambiguous’ and ‘unrealistic’ but so is pretty much everything being offered at this point.

I mean, look after Corbyn was labelled as being unreasonable and playing with the future of the UK when deciding not to meet with Mrs May because a no-deal would not be taken off the table,  he *finally* came back with some sound ideas to try and gather cross-party support but, it’s just not enough.


Will Brexit be the straw that breaks the camels back? It’s unlikely, but let’s fantasise for a moment about the potential demise of the Tory party.

With there being no active intention of delaying the date of Brexit, time is running out and options are limited. Theresa May will inevitably be forced to make serious changes or compromise if this deal is ever going to satisfy cross-bench agendas. Some MPs have warned that by adopting suggestions from the Labour frontbench and/or relaxing the red lines could lead to a significant fallout. The former chairman of the Conservative party has called these threats ‘hollow’ but I don’t know, let’s wait on it and see.

This week, the PM announced that there was pretty much no chance they were going to scrap the Irish backstop which led to the ERGang throwing their political toys out of the pram. When approached about the comments, an ERG source said “She knows what she promised us…Even if she didn’t mean it, we do” which kind of sounds like a thinly-veiled threat, or maybe I’m being too optimistic.

Last week she promised MPs that she would completely renegotiate the Irish Backstop which included three equally confusing and unpromising arrangements: ‘Alternative arrangements’, some sort of arbitrary time-limited ‘exit mechanism’ or this unproven, allusive ‘technology’ that we all know nothing about.


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